Announcing the newly added features: gifts and blogs

We are happy to announce to you that interesting features have been added to our wonderful dating platform. These are the blog and gift features.

1. Gifts

We have decided to make it fun for users to express interest in each other and engage in social interaction by sending virtual graphic gifts to each other. The love and care should begin here then, you can easily take it out in reality.

The gifts are organized in categories - romantic, non romantic and birthday gifts. To make it easier to browse and to select.

Users may choose if they would like your name and message to be shown only to the recipient or if you would like everyone to see it.

To send a gift to a person, ensure you are on the person's profile. Click on the "send gift" link and the rest is easy.

2. Blogs

Yeah! Everyone can blog. Everyone can write. Write about anything relationship, Xtiandating, ask questions of any kind and be hopeful to get answers from other esteemed users.

You can also leave comments, as well as rate or like blogs, or share them in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here, everyone has become a blogger... Users have full control over their blogs privacy to determine who can view and who can comment on them.

Users can also report blogs to administrators to help you spot and take down inappropriate content or spam quickly and efficiently.

Ensure to make use of these features to make the platform more lively and interesting for us all. Everything here on Xtiandating is absolutely free, but strictly for Christians.

Best regards,

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